R Packages


R package for simulating data using standardized coefficients


In the model below, the path coefficients are standardized. You would like to simulate the variables in the model, but you do not know the disturbance and residual variances. The simstandard package can help.

A standardized latent variable model


An R package for detecting unusual scores in a test profile


This package estimates how unusual a multivariate normal profile is.


A ggplot2 extension package for creating normal violin plots

I needed to show confidence intervals and conditional normal distributions with specific means and standard deviations. I wrote the ggnormalviolin package to make this happen.

It makes plots like this:

Example plot made with ggnormalviolin


Functions useful for psychological evaluations

This package is still in a preliminary state, just like Individual Psychometrics, the book it accompanies.

Mulivariate Confindence Intervals


A set of functions I find convenient to have readily available to me

Whoa! How did you place those labels so perfectly?


An R package for making digital spirographs


My Gallery

Making digital spirographs is fun! I made an R package called spiro that can make animated spirographs like this one:


R package for making a custom arrowheads for ggplot2 using ggarrow


The arrowheadr package allows one to create custom arrowheads that can be used with the ggarrow package.

Quarto Extensions


A Quarto Extension for Creating APA 7 Style Documents

This is a quarto article template that creates APA Style 7th Edition documents in .docx, .html. and .pdf. I made this extension for my own workflow. If it helps you, too, I am happy. The output of the template is displayed below:

Unable to display PDF file. Download instead.